Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blake likes to brag ya know!

blake said...
I've met Leah Rimini a couple of times. Maybe three. Every time it's the same thing.She does something rude. Not horrible, just a little aggressive for the left coast. And then she looks at me and apologizes for being from New York.I like her. She's tiny but she's not delicate.

Damn you Blake, Damn you must you throw that in my face. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh!!!!!


Meade said...

blake needs to be banned for that.

blake said...


Can I make up for it somehow?

I could say she's not as cute in person, would that help? (It's not true: She's way cuter in person. But I'd be willing to say it if it helped.)

I'm sure she doesn't remember me, if that helps. That is true.

blake said...

Also she was wearing clothes.

Trooper York said...

I mean I don't brag about how I met Palladian in person.

And he looks remarkably like Ms. Remni.

Darcy said...

I want to meet Palladian!

Well, I want to meet all of you Althouse people, really.

I might stop by your store during the Open, Trooper. I have a few friends that would probably want to have a looksee, too.

I want to know what Leah did that was rude, blake. Do you remember?

Darcy said...

blake's not going to spill it, is he? Dang. I love gossip.

blake said...

Oh, we're talking real mild stuff.

We were frequenting the same café in Hollywood and--being more a mellow California type--I would hang back and wait for one of the counter people to get free before I'd step up and order.

Then she'd come in and blow in front of me and order. She'd then see me and apologize and was generally very nice.

It was actually pretty funny, because it happened a couple-three times over a couple years and she recognized me the subsequent times.

And, of course, I only vaguely recognized her--this was before "King of Queens" (which I never watch any way).

Darcy said...

You're right, that's not bad, blake. And she apologized, which is the important thing. Nice.