Friday, June 27, 2008

Top Ten Comic Book Villains of all time! (Excluding President Bush)

10. The Green Goblin. Spiderman’s nemesis was an integral part of the first three Spiderman movies and is the epitome of a super villain. Super smart, rich and evil. Hey do you think Donald Trump is a super villain? Oh wait, he isn’t smart. Never mind.

9. The Riddler. You got to love the Riddler. But the Frank Gorshin one; not the Jim Carrey one. Holy epigram Batman. Riddle me this Batman, why is a thirty year old man running around in tights with his teenage “ward.” Luckily for him he has Stevens on the Supreme Court.

8. Catwoman. Man is she sexy or what! Almost every one of them is ready for fun. Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt. Lee Meriwether. Michelle Pfierer. And now Hallie Berry. Meeeoooowwww!!!!! Batman had to get a piece of that, but of course that didn’t happen. See number 9. Plus he didn’t have any condoms in his utility belt. Just K-Y.

7. Loki the Norse God of mischief. Always busting poor Thor’s balls. Making side deals with other demons. Just an all around pain in the ass. Sort of reminds of Lindsey Graham.

6. The Red Skull. Captain America has been fighting this Nazi crazy since World War Two. I wonder if he is still around. He must be about 110. He’s the Strom Thurmond of super villains.

5. Mephisto the Hell Lord. A nasty demon from hell. When not tormenting the Silver Surfer, Thor, the Ghost Rider or other super heroes, he works for the IRS.

4. The Joker. It is no mistake that the Joker is at the base of most of the Batman’s mythology. A corrupt soul, it seems that he is the real star of the new film The Dark Night. A twisted crazy crime lord whose antics are always sure to entertain. He casually kills more people than Robert Mugabe.

3. The Penguin. Not the cute little animal celebrated by Morgan Freeman and animated movies. Rather the twisted and demented criminal who is a danger to all mankind. He got that way by playing third base for the Los Angles Dodgers during the ‘70s.

2. Dr Doom. Reed Richards former friend and the absolute monarch of Latveria a small European country which is currently the home of the European Union. He has changed his act from dooms day devices to excessive taxation and overwhelming regulations. Scary.

1. The number one super villain is of course: Susan Sarandon.


blake said...


Susan Sarandon--but she's up there with the Catwoman, too, ya gotta admit.

Trooper York said...

Yes she is definitely my favorite
evil pussy!

viva la matt said...

I don't know if Penguin deserves such a spot on the list. I think it should go Penguin, Doom, and then Joker. How can you say the Joker is the basis of the Batman mythology, but have him second behind the Penguin?